Tuesday, April 27, 2010

What to look for in a Hockey Development/Power Skating School!!

This is a topic and question that is often asked.....I answer it, by 'putting the shoe on the other foot.' ’I look at it as a parent that is going to spend hard earned dollars on a program to help my child(ren) . Below are the questions that I asked myself when I started Kelly Reed Hockey.....

1. Firstly, Who is the lead (Head) Instructor at the camp. Is he (or she) qualified?? Are they active on the ice?? Passionate?? Knowledgeable??

2. Have they played Ice Hockey (not figuring skating or roller hockey) at a high level??

3. Can they effectively demonstrate the drills?? and the drills with pucks?? Can they relate the drills to hockey and game like situations??

4. Are they drill sergeant's...or do they understand the technicalities of the skating stride and all of the intricacies of puck handling and pivots and edges and balance and on and on??

5. Are they able to communicate effectively with the kids?? or do they yell, bark orders and demean the skaters?? Do they show an interest in the kids??

6. Are they (and their Staff - if they have one) giving the kids the constant feedback and correction that they need in order to be successful and improve??

7. Is the staff to student ratio good (at least 1 Instructor for every 6 Students)?? do they even have a staff?? How are their ice management skills??

8. Are the instructors qualified?? or are they mostly young kids, if so are they experienced, mature or passionate enough to care about the young skaters at the camp??

9. Is the camp Cost Effective, and does it offer great value for the money (or are you paying for all of the frills, marketing/advertising and fancy shirts, etc)??

10. Do they offer guarantees or money back after the first session if a family or child is not satisfied??

11. Does the staff get the most out of the kids and challenge them to be there best, yet make it fun for them??

These are the types of questions that families need to ask, to both themselves and other knowledgeable unbiased hockey people. Go out and watch the sessions for yourself and compare....this is the best tool of all and it will answer these questions for you!! I highly recommend that you do so!!

These questions are the basis for KELLY REED HOCKEY!! Please ask me these questions or any others you may have and I will be very happy to answer them for you.